About Us

Streetlevel is a product, still life, architectural, and fine art photography studio. Based in Chicago, we offer a full range of photographic services, including professional retouching and digital image compositing.

Principal and founder Liam Strain has more than 15 years of photography experience (in all film formats, as well as being well versed in digital capture) and an additional 10 years of graphic design and advertising art direction experience. We believe that this is an advantage when creating advertising and marketing materials, as we are well positioned to both understand and meet your business needs and to work seamlessly with the design and layout artists.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help, or to quote for your next photography project. Thank you.


Commitment to the Environment
We are committed to doing what we can to preserve our environment for future generations. None of our in house film processing uses toxic chemistry and the heavy metals generated during our work are not released into the system. Additionally we are investigating the purchase of power through the Green Power Networks, to help offset the electricity we must use. As these options and technologies improve, we will continue to minimize our carbon and chemical footprint.